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o 10,574. Increasing number of young peopl▓e and females took heroin. Compared w▓ith figures in the period from 2002 t▓o 2004, the number of young heroin addicts aged between 18▓ and 25 in 2011-2013 p

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eriod increased by 109 per▓cent, while female users doubled (, October 16, December 29, 2015;, ▓December 18, 201

the leading cause of

5).IV. Racial Discrimination Worse Than EverIn 2015, racial relations in the United States kept deteriorating. Law ▓enforcement and justice fields we

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re he▓avily influenced by racial discrimination, and race-based hate crimes occurred occasionally. Anti-Muslim remarks caused a great clamor, and minor

United States. ▓

ity▓ races were unable to change their vulnerable status in e▓conomic and social lives.Americans' view of race relations was at a two-decade low. A poll jointly releas▓ed by the CBS News and The New York Times on May 4, 2015 showed that 61 percent of Americans characterized race relations in the United State

  • The death rate from drug overdose more than doubled ▓from 6.0 per 100,000 p
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  • 999 to 13.8 in 2013. More than 47,000 people died from dr▓ug overdoses in 2014, an
  • increase of 3,018 from 2013. Heroin poses the biggest iss▓ue among all forms of drug

overdose. In 2013,

s as "bad," including a majority of white and black respondents. The figure was the highest since 1992 (, M▓ay 4, 2015). A Wall Street Journal-NBC News▓ poll in December 2015 showed that only 34 percent of Americans believe race relations

deaths from heroi

n-related overdose exceede

in the▓ United States were fairly good or very▓ good, down fr

d 8,200, nearly quadruplin

om a high of 77 percent in Ja▓nuary 2009 (, December 16, 2015)

g that of 2002. In 201

. A survey released in November 2015 by the Pu▓blic Religion Re

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